VR Case Study

ITI has partnered with Varjo, the world leader in industrial VR display technology, to introduce a remote command and control environment that delivers secure data to operators via VR and XR environments.

The need to have eyes on glass and to improve situational awarness in incident response situations has never been greater. When combined with socially distancing, teams that have typically relied on command center infrastructure to view large data sets in a comand and control environment to orchestrate coordinated responses have been challanged to develop new ways to work.

ITI has developed a first of its kind solution to allow operators that are remotely located to view and control the command center video wall in a virtualized environment. The VR video wall can be configured to either mirror your existing command center video wall, or allow the operator to view different sources than those displayed in the physical command center. The ITI VR command center application gets more eyes on glass with fewer people in the room securley anywhere in the world.

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