As AV integrators, we are focused on finding innovative ways to increase the bandwidth of communication between human and machine. When we collaborate using AV technology, we receive information. What defines effectiveness is the degree to which that technology increases the rate at which we can absorb the information we are seeking and at what rate we can input our feedback into the system.

Some of the most important advancements in the world of technology over the next 50 years will be centered around increasing the bandwidth of data that can be exchanged between humans and computers. ITI sees VR and mixed reality as an important advancement in this arena. The viewing of 2D images on displays, the use of keyboards, mice and touch screens for data input could be viewed as the equivalent of dialup internet service in the early days of the internet. The use of VR and Mixed Reality technology might be likened to early broadband and it is our belief that, in time, wearable display technology and mixed reality will give way to more direct methods of connection between humans and the vast network of artificially intelligent technology we create.

The thought leaders at ITI Systems feel that work in this area of tech is some of the most important.

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