Custom Solutions

ITI Systems develops immersive VR applications to support a variety of commercial use-cases, as well as custom development on a project basis.

Current applications in development include:

  • Virtual Conference Room – Two or more participants can “meet” and collaborate in a cloud-hosted room, based on the client’s actual physical space, anywhere in the world.
  • Virtual Video Conferencing - Building off current VTC/Telepresence technology limitations, VR Video Conferencing delivers a fully immersed user experience unavailable today.
  • Virtual Walkthrough - Saving time and costly travel, Virtual Walkthrough allows architects and contractors to perfectly render their spaces in the cloud and allow detailed “walkthroughs” at human eye resolution and detail.
  • Virtual Command Center - Next-gen solution for any command center environment, ITI Systems Virtual Command Center eliminates required space, energy consumption and cost while providing an immersive and secure user experience. Each VR headset has iris-scanning capabilities for user authentication, perfect for multi-class environments.